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Boise National Forest

I’ve been reading in depth today. Not only have I signed a form and sent a letter to my representative (to get them to continue to fund conservation efforts) but I’ve been searching their sites for new places to visit.

One of their top places is Boise National Forest. I never would have considered Idaho some place search out for hiking. Who knew? Probably many other than me.

The images I have seen thus far are amazing. I think this location has jumped pretty high in place I’d like to go. I could see going there for a few days with the kids over spring break.

Thank you Wilderness Society!

Iceland Hiking

Yep. I definitely want to visit Iceland. I know I hate the cold but it seems so beautiful there. I’m now following a chick on Instagram that takes pictures in Iceland so I’m seeing even more of it.

Specifically I want to visit Skaftafell National Park.

Another place on the list is Glymur Mountain.

There are various hiking trails there – all seem very doable for a day trip.

Bisti Wilderness

The Bisti Wilderness in New Mexico looks unique and different. The rock formations are unlike anything I’ve seen before.


Antelope Canyon

This is a place I’ve seen photographed so much. I want to visit. It says the best times are in fall and spring but not spring break. How about February?