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Mount Roraima – Venezuela


Guyana, Mount Roraima Tepui, Luftaufnahmen vom Mount Roraima 2723 m mit der “The Prow”.23.03.2010.Digital Photo;Copyright: Klaus Fengler.

While I am at this location for work, I use Bing for most of my searches. It is just easier with the way this laptop is set up. The best part about Bing is its daily wallpaper. It changes every day and features (most often) something from nature. Today it showed hot springs from Mount Roraima, Venezuela.

Sometimes there are small boxes on the screen and you hover over them for more information. One read, “To see these hot tubs you’ll need to do some serious hiking.” Well that’s all that was needed for me to start researching what they meant by ‘serious hiking’.

Serious is the correct word. After doing some research I find that it is about a 6 day hike (at least) to really experience the area. It was tough to find information about hiking directly to the hot springs though. The hike takes you through rivers, rainforest, water falls and apparently one needs to be prepared for black flies, mosquitos, and dangers plant life. Whew.

You can hire guides (it seems like a smart thing to do). This link has a lot of good information on it regarding that (and good photos). It’s also included in many of the Top 10 Hikes in South America. It seems like such a unique hike┬ábut a lot to arrange. Thankfully there are people who do that sort of thing which is fantastic. One company even includes a canoe ride to Angel Falls. Angel Falls is seen in the Pixar movie ‘Up’ (one of my favorites).

I have a very long list of places I want to hike. I really don’t have room for one more but alas, one has been added.