mdI love hiking. I love exploring the world around me step by step. The peaceful moments when you are on the trail alone… the moments spent with my kids… All of it makes me happy. My first true hiking experience took place when I was in high school and a group of us went to New Hampshire to hike the Appalachian Trail. We stayed in hostels along the way and attempted to get to Mt. Washington. The weather was quite crazy so we didn’t make it. I didn’t hike again until almost 30 years later but now I’m hooked.

I mostly hike in the state of Virginia.  Other places I have hiked are: Michigan, Colorado, Arizonia, New Hampshire, Ontario, Kentucky, Maryland and North Carolina.

The accomplishment of reaching a summit and looking down over the valley – it takes my breath away. Standing in silence and hearing only the birds – amazing.

This blog will be a collection of places I want to go as well as places I have been. Included are photos I take and that are posted to Flickr. All comments are welcomed!

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