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Christmas Trails

This year I headed to Michigan to visit my parents for Christmas. I had a goal to get out to a trail or two while there. The weather wasn’t keen on cooperating with us but we had two days where we could get outside.

The first trail we walked was the Kiwanis Trail at Hopkins Lake. I have been to Hopkins Lake in the past but had never walked the trails. They are still fairly new and my dad actually helped with some of the building of these trails. There are three different ones to choose from – 1.5, 2, & 3 miles. The wander through a marshy area and near the small lake (almost a pond).

The woodsy area sheltered us from the wind and list mist so we were able to have a pleasant hike. My parents accompanied us. Even in their late 70s they get around and had a good time. We all went slow and steady for them.

reflection mom - blackandwhite

If I lived in town I could see myself running these trails often. They criss-cross quite a bit so you could change things up often. There isn’t a lot of elevation but just enough in a couple of places for a challenge. My hometown should be pretty proud of the area as its beautiful.

My mom, my kids and I also got out on Christmas day for a walk. The sun was out and the wind wasn’t blowing. We headed over to the hospital trail. It runs along our river and with the sun shining so bright it made for a great walk.

Untitled The trail at the hospital is actually a ParCourse with different stations for exercising. My son loves these trails and always makes sure to try each one. The rings are his favorite as he likes to flip and hang upside down. Untitled

If you walk or run the whole ParCourse it is about a mile. We did about half of it since we walked there from my parent’s house. I run it often when I am home.

Overall, I was happy to add two trail walks/hikes to my 52 Hike Challenge that I started in November. I was thinking that if I work hard enough, I might be able to do 104 hikes instead of 52. Goal set!

To see all of my photos from my Michigan trip, click on the link below.

Christmas in Michigan