Dominion Defends Controversial Decision to Bulldoze Entire Appalachian Mountain Range — The Peedmont

Have you been following the Pipeline that is going to be going through the Appalachian Mountain Range as well as Blue Ridge Mountains (I don’t know if they are one in the same, technically). The pipeline isn’t necessary and will totally ruin how the area looks. The pipeline will also run over/under/through the Appalachian Trail. If you haven’t read about it or are unaware, please make yourself aware. If you care about the area at all, it is important to call people and make your voice heard.

RICHMOND, Va. — Claiming the decision was made with the best intentions, Dominion Energy is standing by their controversial commitment to completely destroy the Appalachian Mountain range. According to Dominion spokesperson Richard Deanders, the demolition of the entire mountain range, which includes famed national parks such as the Great Smoky Mountains, the Shenandoah Valley, and […]

via Dominion Defends Controversial Decision to Bulldoze Entire Appalachian Mountain Range — The Peedmont


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  1. Hi Jennifer,
    Is this a legit post? It appears to me to be fake news, begging readers to click on the link. I advise everyone not to do so, unless you can clarify…
    Thanks, John


    • Is it legit as in truthful? Does Dominion want to ruin the Blue Ridge Mountains and the water sources and everything that goes with pipelines? Yes. I’ve seen the story referenced by legitimate organizations and it is something I track on a regular basis. Virginia has given them the go-ahead to bulldoze large portions of the mountains and it is true that it will cross the Appalachian Trail.


      • Having subscribed to your blog for a little while now, this post did not appear to be written by you yourself, and I was worried that you had been hacked by someone who wanted your subscribers to click on that link at the end. I am aware of the pipeline controversy and have read all about it, but the information and pictures did not appear to come from a legitimate source. I was worried that your blog account had been hacked, so replied immediately to bring it to your attention. If all is good, I am glad, and wish you a good day 🙂


      • You can share other posts that people have written to your own blog via WordPress. I don’t do it often but sometimes someone has shared something I want others to read. Thanks for looking out.


  2. This is horrible. I hope it’s not true, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it is. There are those that only care about profits and not about the damage they’re doing.


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