Wish List: Carvoeiro, Algarve, Portugal

A lot of my downtime is spent with my daydreaming about where I’d like to retire.  I take time to research the cost of living, weather, and, most importantly, nearby hiking trails. I have considered places like New Mexico, parts of California, Colorado, and on rare occasions, Florida. However, I ran across an article this morning about the top 9 places you can retire or move to and possibly not have to work.  I clicked that link so fast I almost sprained my pointer finger.

Some of the places were Nicaragua, Beliz, Thailand… but the number one spot was Carvoeiro, Algarve, Portugal.  I have seen a lot of photos over the year of Portugal and I don’t remember any of them being ugly. It seems like a beautiful country.  I read through the description and price points and immediately Googled images. I was a little blown away.


How can some place that looks like this be so cheap? I went through the photos and it is just gorgeous there.  The next step was to research some vacations. The AirBNB prices were also inexpensive. So much so that I may considering going there next year for a vacation. I need to check this place out.

And finally… hiking. I found a site that focus on hiking in Algarve. I mean… wow. If you take the time to click the link and check out the hikes and walks they are pretty cool.  There are some mountains, countryside, and coastal hikes. A great variety.  I sat here this morning and closed my eyes, clicked my heels, and asked to be taken there. Needless to say I’m still sitting at my stupid desk.

I almost hate to even publicize this place. What if I am what causes it to be so popular the prices all go up and I can’t retire there in 6 years? No, I won’t be retirement age in 6 years but that’s when my son will go to college. There won’t be such a big need to earn so much money or stick around in my area.

Do you have a dream retirement spot? If so, share it with me. I’d love to hear other places that may be a great location.

About Jennifer G

Nature lover. Being outside keeps me sane and balanced.

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  1. Excellent photos. We spent our Holiday in Las Palmas, Spain. Warm and much to see. Have You ever hiked in Finland, in its northern parts, which is called Lapland?

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