Daily Archives: September 19, 2016

52 Hike Challenge… Will I Finish it?

Since Veteran’s Day of 2015 I have been working towards a 52 Hike Challenge. The idea is that you hike once a week to get outside, get some physical activity, enjoy nature, etc. I figured I was outside a lot and loved hiking so this would be a fun challenge. I thought I wouldn’t have any issues completing all 52 hikes.  Well….

Here it is the third week of September and I have 11 hikes left. How did this happen? Partially it is because my son’s soccer practices were moved. They used to be at a location where I had access to a variety of trails. It made it easy. Now once a week he is at a very suburban location. There is a trail at the other location but it is very small and not too exciting. I use it for trail running however and trail runs count (I checked).

Granted, it isn’t the end of the world if I don’t get all 52 hikes done but I aim to finish what I start. I made a point to get out to a nature preserve that is near me last night. I was happy to have it be just me and the birds at one point. Because we have been in an alm0st-drought I could walk through the brush and stand on the edge of a pond. There isn’t a path out to it so I wasn’t worried about anyone else coming out there. The water had dried up a bit so there was plenty of dry sand. I didn’t sit because of bugs but I was there for quite some time just feeling the peace. I saw a heron, crane, hawk, and probably a turkey vulture fly over me. I heard many other birds and saw a fish jump. A dragonfly flew past me more than once. It was amazing. And that’s why I hike. That’s why I spend time in nature and committed to doing it 52 times this year.

I have 9 weeks left to get 11 hikes finished. I think I can do it. I may have to double up on a couple of weekends but I will do it!  My last hike will take place on Veteran’s Day – 1 year from when I started (just about). I have a special hike in mind but am weighing my options. And when I reach that summit on my 52nd hike I will rejoice and start all over again.