Missed it by that much…

I recently saw a photo on Instagram of The Channels of Virginia. Again, I’m totally jealous because they are exploring The Channels the way I wanted to but couldn’t figure out how. I’ve asked on a number of photos how to find where to explore and finally, someone answered me.

If I had just kept walking the way I was going I would have found the trail. I had walked towards the fire tower to take a photo and got freaked out as it swayed in the wind. Apparently, the path to the formations is just past there. That small fact was omitted from every review I read of the hike. Not one person mentioned that. It seems like a key piece of information because as you get to the top the path goes one way and basically stops.

I feel very frustrated and disappointed. My kids were so happy to explore and I failed them. I want to go back soon but my daughter’s schedule is so packed this summer that we won’t have a chance for a long time. Heaven forbid she have one free weekend over the summer.

So now when do we go back? In the fall I guess. Or wait again for Spring Break but I wanted to go somewhere new for Spring Break. So I sit here angry and frustrated with myself. I was right there and missed the adventure.

About Jennifer G

Nature lover. Being outside keeps me sane and balanced.

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