Visiting Dismal Falls, Giles County, Virginia

As the kids and I drove to Abingdon, Virginia to start our hiking trip, I had planned to stop at Dismal Falls. It is just a short drive off of I-81 and a short trek from the little parking area. The falls are really cool. It would be a great spot on a hot summer day because it isn’t very deep. It would be great to slip off the shoes and wade in the water. Unfortunately for us it was pretty cold and rainy. We explored a bit took a bunch of photos. I had been waiting for the perfect waterfall for my long exposure. It didn’t disappoint.


The drive to the falls was really beautiful. You pass little towns and ton of farmland with cows. I had to stop and snap a photo. I also took the time to moo to the cows. They answered back as cows do.


The best part of visiting the falls was a conversation I had with a local woman. Her truck had broken down while parked there and she was sitting in it with her two granddaughters. Her husband had left to go get help. Neither of us had cell service. While getting her son’s phone numbers (so I could call as I drove out) we had about a 20 minute conversation. She had never met someone from “the city” before. She even called me a movie star because I seemed so different to her. As a self-proclaimed, “hill person” she had never really been anywhere but where she lived in Virginia. I’ve never had someone so happy to meet me. We also shared the same first name.

This is one of the better parts of hiking and getting out of your own area. I don’t think I had ever met someone who was a “hill person”. Her world view was, I imagine, very different than mine. She thought it was amazing that someone would drive 6 hours just to visit that area of Virginia. I never got her phone number as she didn’t know her cell phone number and I didn’t know how to find it on her type of phone. I wonder if she shares the story with people as I do.

Anyway… we saw other waterfalls just as we were driving around. Southern Virginia is full of them! I highly suggest a visit.


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Nature lover. Being outside keeps me sane and balanced.

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